Monday, 25 April 2011

Tania: Bristol University's Botanic Gardens

I was very honoured to be given a guided tour of the University's Botanic Gardens last week by its director, Simon Hiscock, professor of plant and pathogen biology. It was a glorious day, the sun shone as we wandered around, it was the perfect visit. As a writer, I was inspired by every aspect of the gardens - from their design, plants interspersed with artwork made by one of the Gardens' employees, to the sections they are divided into, which include a working Chinese herbal medicine garden and a section with plants grouped according to the very new DNA-based classification.

Instead of trying to put it all into words, here are some pictures I took. The place is fabulous, educational and peaceful, and it's open to all every day. I will be heading back there to spend more time and also, perhaps, to run some kind of creative writing workshop. I want to write there, dammit, that's the main thing!

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park said...

The topic which I want is here. I have alway wanted a big garden, but it is not possible in city. But your post on Plants Bristol is too good. Thanks for the insight.