Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Papi: If you don’t have time, turn off the Internet.

(Second in a series of blog posts written in response to this New Yorker article In Praise of Distraction)

I used to spend lots of time on line. It started when I first moved here; being away from home, it was the only way to communicate with family and friends, either through Facebook or Skype. Then I used my FB contacts as participants for my psychology experiments. And then I had to return the favour to those who participated in my experiments; mainly through gifting in FB online games. After that I was all day long online.

When I realized how much time I was spending on FB talking about life and not actually living it I was shocked. Currently I play only one game online and only when I can’t sleep at night (not very often). I prefer spending time with real people outside my little student room. Reading this out loud, sounds like an addict’s speech. Oh, well I am Papi and I am an Internet addict…

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Ed Darnbrough said...

I see your point Papi, for instance I am reading this blog and commenting rather than doing work or talking to people around me. Although, I do not quite like your suggestion that real people are the ones outside, the internet is a great tool for connecting 'real' people together. I suppose I to like an addict are trying to rationalise it as better than watching tv alone.

Papi said...

Hi James,

When I talk about real people I mean not virtual ones, thus people who are physically present. Seeing someone’s reactions when you talk to each other makes a lot of difference, than typing while chatting.