Saturday, 31 March 2012

Julio: Big Conference for Young Mathematicians

Here's an event that will take place at the University of Bristol on 2nd April 2012:

Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference 2012.

The Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference is an annual event that aims to involve post-graduate and post-doctoral students at every level. It is a chance to meet and discuss research and ideas with other students from across the country. The conference spans a wide variety of disciplines arranged into tracks, each of which includes a keynote speaker and contributed talks by young researchers. There will also be plenary lectures of interest to the entire audience. For a full list of tracks and keynote speakers, please visit the conference website.

Starts: 11:00am on 2nd April 2012
Finishes: 4th April 2012
Queen's Building on University Walk, University of Bristol.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Angel: Fancy riding the white lion?

I'm always thinking that I should stop my lab work for a sec to write something on this space, I would like to have plenty of time to write all those ideas coming up in my mind, along the day, such as beautiful crystals which not necessarily means progress in your research project or boast about astonishing sunsets from my preferential view on the sixth floor of the School of Chemistry - If you follow Great George on twitter, then you have seen one of these pictures!

My PhD has became something extremely addictive, even though, for along a period of time I have not got positive results. This non-stop apatite, to keep on to achieve the main objectives of my research project, drags me up long hours working into the lab, doing result analysis and reading; whether that the output of my research could show a highly impact on my field of study or not.

Of course in most of the cases, PhD students are always wishing, in some cases stating, that their research is going to have a huge impact on their areas. I wouldn’t lie saying that see "one of my publications" on the cover of one of those fancy journals or having loads of citations are not part of my ambitions. Nevertheless, rather to have on my plate such a heavy stress factor, I prefer do my best in something which could be exciting and delightful to myself. In the meantime, I am really anxious to see the output of my research project.

On the other hand, getting out of the context of this post, I would like to invite you to the Latin American Week, which will take place from 5-10 March 2012. Event organized for the School of Modern Languages:

Click on me to see the program!