Thursday, 10 March 2011

Your Science Faculty Blog Needs You!

***The course is now full but due to the overwhelming response there may be a second course, later in the year. Email me if you'd like to be notified about that. ***

Your Science Faculty Blog Needs You!

Yes, you are reading this blog, that much is true. But ever wondered what "blogs" are all about? Who writes them? Who reads  them? Why would anyone do that? How do I join in? I'm running a new course to answer  all your questions and equip you with the tools to blog here with me  - about your  research, your course, science in general or anything else science-related of interest to you.

The six-week course of two-hour sessions, open to undergrads and postgrads, will be run by me, the Science Faculty writer-in-residence, Tania Hershman (, award-winning fiction writer, former science journalist and experienced blogger.

No writing skills needed, just curiosity and enthusiasm!  Places are limited, the course will probably be held in the evenings. Contact for more details.


papaki-13 said...

I'm glad I am one of the chosen ones for this course. I'm sorry I can't be with you all this Tuesday, but I will soon mail you my homework.

Take care


Milly said...

First session was great, looking forward to the second and hearing everyones first post!


Julio said...

I'm excited to be doing this course and hope soon to be able to make a nice blog about math, physics and science communication or to be contributing to the faculty of science blog.

Julie said...

Really pleased to have got a place on the course and looking forward to the day when I contribute to the Faculty of Science blog. Julie