Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Changing Perspectives - videos inspired by science-inspired fiction

The launch on Friday of the Changing Perspectives art/science exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery in which I have several art pieces (my first time ever attempting a piece of artwork featuring some of my stories) was great fun! Do try and get down there if you are in Bristol - and check out all the events during this month long celebration of art inspired by science.

If you can't make it, here are two brand newly-commissioned films inspired by two of my short stories - which in turn were inspired by science. Enjoy!

'We are All Made of Protein but Some of us GLow More than Others ' from richard ocallaghan on Vimeo.

Read the short story of the same title that inspired this piece here.

'Like Flowers' from James Murray-White and Steve Mazillius on Vimeo.


RockA said...

It's pretty interesting how the first video is more abstract than the another for the simple aspect of the subtitles narrating the story.

James said...

I often think that you can make art out of science just through a little extra understanding. If you are able to explain something to a person, say the motion of the planets around the sun, they are then able to create in their mind a beautiful vision of what is going on.
This makes the 'visionary' feel more because they are imaging in far beyond what they could be shown and that additional lift from pure understanding of what we have around us.