Friday, 5 August 2011

James: Science, a labour of love

At times I wonder if the outside world sees science, and the way it is done, as geeky people in basements pouring money into a big machine, during the handle and out comes science. However, I see it far more as a heady set of ups and downs as you strive towards an answer.<br>
For instance take my last two days. I have had the pleasure of coming to conduct some work at Oxford university. Although the work was conducted in a darkened room it was far from just turning a handle, I have been put through a phenomenal number of emotions; from palpable anticipation through confusion to heart breaking disappointment. <br>
The actual work conducted is of little importance to discuss here but I feel the manner is of interest. I have never before sat back and realised the extent to which I am invested in my work, but it us not just me others are too. I think it is in the elder members of academia where it is most evident, as some old guy getting excited over what experiment to run next as if they are a 5 year old discussing what they are going to ask Santa for.
I think the long and the short of it is science research isn't driven by money, although it does nudge you in more profitable directions, it is driven by the fact we are just genuinely interested. I personally hope I never lose the thirst for knowledge and that I can pass the bug onto as many as possible.

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