Thursday, 14 July 2011

Angel: Bridgebook

Such a great idea!!! The Mexican people's used to read 2.7 books per year. Then one day, the biggest bookshop in Mexico (Gandhi bookshop) took on the challenge of making people read "The Bridge" written by Franz Kafka while riding by subway. The implementation of this brilliant idea made that 600,000 people could read the full short story. 

The Bridge was cut in 13 excerpts, one per each station that conforms the yellow line of Mexico City's underground. Then, each part was used to cover only one ad board located in a strategic place along the platform. So that every time the subway train stopped, people inside the carriage wrapped in yellow could read each fragment. Leaflets were handed out for people that didn't ride the entire line.
I think, in days like these where marketing campaigns are designed to create some pointless necessities around people, projects like this are highly remarkable. I agree with the idea that reading or getting close to culture are not going to magically pop up the solution for injustices, corruption, sadness, wars, and society at large. Nevertheless, it's a good start to address problems, to come up with questions, to get criteria about what is good and what is not for ourselves, to dream and to build bridges...

Check out the video to get a better picture about the project!

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