Saturday, 18 June 2011

Milly: Would you eat this to save the planet?

There have been many disputes amongst politicians, scientists and the public regarding the validity of 'climate change' and how far we should go to try and reduce our impact on the environment. Many people agree that there is much we can do both in the short and long term however, on the quest for complete sustainability, has this scientist gone too far? Check out this link but be warned, it's not for the easily nauseated.


Jennifer Nixon said...

Lol this is actually so disgusting! But surely this technically means vegetarians (like myself) could eat proper meat burgers...? They could take on the Quorn giants with their new range of Fillet de Feces.

I also love the fact they have labelled the freezer "shit burgers". Excellent!

Milly said...

It certainly would...the question is though, would you eat it, if it tasted amazing? Pretty good way to test environmentalists' dedication to the cause.