Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tania's Tales from the Lab: Drink Me

I was commissioned to write a piece of "nanofiction" for the abstracts programme for the Nanoscience and Quantum Information Centre's recent nanoscience symposium - something a little odd that might stop people in their tracks as they realised it wasn't quite what they were expecting! This is the result:

Drink Me

He did and then he felt himself, felt himself, felt himself, down and down and down and there he was, on that pinhead, there he was. Looking around he found it all adjusted to his newly shrunken state and all was forests that had been only molecules and atoms. He in himself felt sameness and he walked amongst the tiny now turned giant and he saw the things he'd never seen, he'd only dreamed of when he was the one who probed, the one who studied. Look! he shouted but his shouts were not even squeaks of fruit flies, no-one there to hear, expect perhaps an ant but not here, not in this clean clean quiet room. 

After a while of wandering he saw himself to be some nanometres high at most and he delighted in this. Some others might have wept or sunk into some kind of blueness but he, being ever curious and scientific in his ways, knew that his journey here would teach him everything and so he did not look to grow again.

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